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Here are the rules...

Let's see what you're made of!

We are looking for a strong sense of style and range. The Abdu Review will only accept poetry until further notice. We encourage your submissions to have an image that you believe best pairs with your submission. 

A great way to build a relationship with us is to connect and explore before you submit:

read our magazine and follow us on our Instagram and become a member on the website.

Image/ Art

Any images submitted must be original. AI images are welcome. Images need to be copyrighted and credited. Any failure or issues will result in The Abdu Review in selecting an image for the selected poems. In other words, credit the source for the art you choose. If you created it, even cooler!


A maximum of 3 poems must be attached to one single document. Word and PDF files are only accepted. No more than 3 poems can be submitted at a time. 

Email Header

Be sure to edit the subject header in the email as:


First and Last name/ Spring 2024/  Poetry Submission.  

Subject/ Style

Our preferences gravitate towards the surreal, experimental, ambivalent, darkly lyrical, and wildly imaginative in artistic expression. The Abdu Review is in search of imaginative creators who find solace in the intricacies and paradoxes of written language. We are inviting writers whose poetry embodies excitement, provocation, and an audacious edge. We particularly encourage a focus on the female form and bodily experiences through a feminist lens. This space is dedicated to amplifying the voices and perspectives of those deemed 'other' and 'non-normative'—bodies and identities that reside outside the conventional understanding of 'normal' and 'able'. The Abdu Review is a platform for work that is both compelling and aesthetically striking, crafted with the urgency of lightning and a sense of an uncertain tomorrow. Our magazine reveres art that is intimately personal yet simultaneously political—political in the broadest sense, reflecting an awareness of power dynamics and their origins.

Response time

Expect a quick response time, but give us up to three months.

Previously Published Work

We accept previously published work as long as we have the information and opportunity to acknowledge the prior publisher(s).

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